Memorial Day Sale

50% Off (Everything)

Due to COVID-19

We currently offer 50% for all items !

Please contact us for specific items that are not included in this promotion

This Memorial Day is all about Giving!

We’ve created the ULTIMATE gift package for you (or your loved ones) including our MOST popular product of the year at our cost price!

(PLUS a gift you wouldn’t want to miss!)


Advanced Marine Bio-Syringe

($995 Value)

This innovative product is the ultimate tool in any skincare lover arsenal. With the Advanced Marine Bio-Syringe you can relax knowing that a product has been created with the sole purpose of diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without invasive or painful procedures.


Marine Deep Moisturizer

($300 Value)

This lightweight moisturizer is an ideal way to give your skin a thoroughly hydrated and moisturized look while pampering it with ingredients that help fend off the day’s stressors. This rich formula includes vitamins A, C and E, rejuvenates the way your skin looks and leaves it looking healthy and nourished for the day ahead.


Free Shipping!

that’s another $25 saved


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